Jun 12, 2013
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I was sick about awards, couldn’t nobody cure me
Only playa that got robbed and kept all his jewelry
'Licia Keys tried to talk some sense in him
Thirty minutes, seen there’s no convincin’ him
What more could you ask for? The international asshole
Who complain about what he is owed
And throw a tantrum like he is three years old
You gotta love it, though, somebody still speaks from his soul
And wasn’t changed by the change or the game or the fame
When he came in the game, he made his own lane
Now all I need is y’all to pronounce my name
It’s Kanye, but some of my plastic still say Kayne

"Diamonds From Sierra Leone"

And I was oh so patient, while niggas was straight disrespectin’ ‘im
So I did what they ain’t expect from ‘im, dropped The Dropout and blazed ‘em
And ain’t nobody feel my pain, until the hits that I came wit’
I’m Kanye, not Kayne, but to you? I’m Rick James, bitch

"Pusha Man (Remix)"

Both of these songs are from 2005. I believe both are pre-Katrina, too; “Diamonds” dropped in May, and I remember mowing lawns to the version of “Pusha Man” I’d taped off the radio in the early summer of 2005. “Gold Digger” was released that July, and went to No. 1 on the Hot 100 in mid-September, about three weeks after Katrina hit; Kanye was literally on the cover of the issue of TIME that was on newsstands when Katrina hit the Gulf Coast, and it was dated August 29, 2005, the day Katrina made landfall.

This is Twitter in 2013.

Kanye has a “weird” (read: not boring or Anglo-Saxon) name, one that America has to remember how to spell; in that way, if not in many others, his plight reminds me of LeBron (“Lebron”) James’ plight: You can do as much good and incredible shit  — "Awesomeness" — as you want, but there are still many, many people who won’t take the seconds of care necessary to give you the respect of knowing and saying your name right.

And when you don’t get even that basic respect, which is respect for you and for the family that named you? You have a right to be respect-obsessed.

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