Mar 25, 2012
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I finished writing 2,500 words on the end of Florida’s season (warning: contains sports vs. sport and 2,500 words), got up, and Our Gee was playing “Call Me Maybe.”

This came after her boyfriend and three of his friends (assholes all, who called her “gay” for not wanting to drink, and that was not nearly the worst part of their cameo in my night) drank alcohol in our kitchen and then left to drive to a party that she was going to go to as a DD, leaving her here because she rightly refused to drive a group of assholes to a party in her car and leaving her steaming in her/her boyfriend’s room because, well, assholes.

I called out to her, “Hey, (Our Gee)?”


"You made the right decision."

"Thank you!"

She’s not so bad. She’s mostly young.

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